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Ensure you have the right defense for a personal injury or criminal case. Get dependable legal representation from the law practice of Patrick O’Bryan in Des Moines, IA. Attorney O’Bryan has handled a number of cases including child custody and support matters. He is an experienced appellate lawyer and a former staff director of the Iowa Supreme Court. Trust our legal counsel to help you win your battle.
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About Patrick O’Bryan

Patrick O'Bryan has over a decade of legal education. He received his B.A degree from the University of Iowa in 1971. After serving in the U.S. Army, he studied at Drake University Law School and pursued his J.D in 1976. He earned his Master’s Degree in Law at the University of Missouri at Kansas City in 1979. He is a former law clerk for Justice David Harris and a former director of Appellate Screening Supreme Court of Iowa. As a practitioner with years of higher education and more than 30 years of relevant legal work experience, Attorney O’Bryan has been providing outstanding legal solutions for personal injury and criminal cases since his law firm began in 1993. He is experienced in both state and federal courts.

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